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Tornado Tattoo provides the highest quality of custom drawn tattoos to residents throughout Oklahoma City, OK and the surrounding areas. With over 35 years of combined experience, our award winning artists have created many unique and commemorative tattoos for individuals from all walks of life. From our extensive collection of designs to custom drawn portraits and memorial tattoos, we provide outstanding artwork and revolutionary designs that will make your memories last a lifetime. Our shop far exceeds hospital sterilization requirements. For all your body art needs, our staff offers quality and professional work in a clean and comfortable environment.
Oklahoma Custom Tattoo

Josh Portfolio

Josh Poindexter has been an owner/artist of Tornado Tattoo in Oklahoma City since 2006. When he opened Tornado Tattoo, it was amongst the first tattoo shops to open when tattooing became legal in the state of Oklahoma.  He was recently featured in the Daily Oklahoman and mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live and CNN for a promotion Tornado Tattoo did to show their support for the Oklahoma City Thunder during the NBA playoffs. Josh enjoys all styles of tattooing and prefers to use Intuition Machines, Neuma, Ego and traditional tattoo machines. | Read more…

Clayton Portfolio

J Clayton Hughey a.k.a. the “Tatdaddy” was born in Dallas in August 27, 1970 to international platform stylist Suzi Starr, and international computer banking guru Don Wayne Hughey.  Most of his family is in and around central Texas but he lived in San Francisco bay area on and off until age 14. His formal art training began in 1985 when he learned to letter, and by ’86 was painting signs professionally. | Read more…

Effin Josh Portfolio

Effin Josh was born in Duncan, Oklahoma May 30th 1982.  Moved to Oklahoma and has lived here ever since, except for a brief stop in Denver, Colorado.  He graduated from Edmond North High School in 2000 and went to graphic design school shortly there after.  He became a father for the first time in November of 2003 and again in October of 2008.  He married his highschool sweetheart in April of 2003.  After supporting his wife in her pursuit of her nursing degree, Effin Josh obtained his formal apprenticeship at Tornado Tattoo under the mentor-ship of Joshua Poindexter.  He completed his first year of his 2 year apprenticeship in November 2016 and is now busy tattooing his own clients.  In his free time he enjoys blowing off steam at the range, spending countless hours watching videos and movies with his 2 boys, Phoenix and Maddox and spending as much quality time as he can with his wife Heather.
Josh Portfolio

Custom Tattoos

Set your own budget. From low as $50 and up! See lots of ideas from different artists. Get expert opinions and advice. Collaborate with many artists at the same time. Pick your favorite artist and work one on one. Our artists are only done when you’re completely satisfied.

Tornado Tattoo Videos

One of our first production pieces for Tornado Tattoo we show you what we’re all about, our philosophy and how we roll day to day.
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